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Help Russell Be Re-Districted BACK to West Carteret High School

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Prior to October 11, 2016, my 15 year old nephew, Russell Britt Sullivan LOVED school.  He LOVED to ride the school bus, he LOVED to interact with his friends....he LOVED EVERYTHING about his 10 hour day spent at school and on the bus!  On October 6, 2016, my sister was notified via voicemail after 5pm, that Russell was being transferred out of West Carteret and being sent to Croatan High School because he was technically out of district.  The voicemail stated that on October 11th, Russell would start his first day at Croatan (because October 10th was a school holiday).  No IEP meeting, no conversation, no NOTHING.  This is a huge deal because Russ suffers from Prader-Willi Syndrome.  He had a routine, he had friends, he was a member of the JV and Varsity football teams, he had school spirit and wore the red/white/blue he has NOTHING!!  My sister wasted the entire day of October 7, 2016 BEGGING Dr. Dan Novey, Superintendent of Carteret County Schools, and anyone else who would listen, to please allow her son to stay at West Carteret. 

Since his arrival at Croatan, I have not even one "feel good" story to tell you.  It has been a CONSTANT struggle.  He has been carried to the hospital twice to potentially be committed, he has been handcuffed due to his behaviors, he has never been involved with any classmates outside of his special needs classmates and has spent a great deal of time in a "calm down" room.  It is the polar opposite of his prior school history.  Furthermore, he has been suspended NUMEROUS times AND is currently only allowed to attend school for four hours per day.

Please sign this petition in an effort to support Russell.  He deserves to have the same happy high school memories as everyone else.  It makes no sense to me that the schools are not willing to budge on their stance of keeping him at Croatan. 

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