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Its time for BC to raise the asset limits to a level equal to the rest of Canada

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The present asset limits for Income Assistance and women fleeing abuse are forcing people into a life of poverty. All other provinces ( except Quebec) allow a family to own a vehicle that is needed for independence. If you don't have a vehicle, finding and keeping a job becomes an issue. Provinces in Canada are compassionate and do not force people into poverty. British Columbia does. If a woman flees violence in BC, she will only receive support in rebuilding her life if she owns assets under $10,000.00. This is financial abuse, forcing a family that is in crisis to fall deeper into dependence on government assistance. Why do this, when many women fleeing may have jobs and disposing of the asset removes all of her safety and independence. When government workers are asked how one would get to work without a vehicle, no answers are ever given. As the answer is you DO need a vehicle to access most jobs in todays society. BC has the worst asset limits in Canada. When a person faces a crisis, they still need a vehicle to support life. And its time BC stepped up to the same asset levels as the rest of Canada. BC citizens deserve to maintain  independence and own a vehicle. It will not only allow them to support their families, access health care, buy groceries, be involved in recreation, but most importantly to keep a job. Its time to change the asset limits in BC to allow citizens to own a vehicle. Most provinces in Canada even allow citizens to own a home and receive some assistance. A vehicle and a home. If the rest of Canada can allow these assets and still provide assistance, its time for BC to get on board.   Lets ask the BC government to stand tall and actually prove what they claim " BC is the greatest place on earth." Lets make it that way for everyone.

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