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New protocols for BC Ministry and Social Workers, Secure children's welfare in the system

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Every year children in BC are being taken from their mothers, fathers and family on the word of Social Workers. Though Social Workers are currently a necessary part of the ministry system a number of them are being accused of corruption, threatening and intimidating parents whilst holding the power to take away their children. Our court systems and the ministry are over flowing with children both rightfully and wrongfully seized from their homes, in turn many of these children are falling through the cracks in ways of abuse, alienation and even death. Concerned parents have met and complied a short list of potential requirements to help end and prevent these children and their families suffering. Chances are you or someone you know has been affected by the actions and misguided protocols of these social workers or the ministry system in general. We are all aware that there needs to be a change and that our current system is flawed and potentially dangerous and damaging to BC children, your signature WILL help start the change these children deserve. 

What can we do about it ?

We propose the following changes happen immediately within the Ministry

  • Have children in care see a physician regularly. An initial visit and depending on the child's expected stay 1 or more times per month with major focus on signs of abuse, neglect and the child's emotional mind state
  • Social workers in addition to their degrees must willingly undergo annual psychiatric tests, focused on bias and due to stress from the job.
  • The application process for social workers must involve a detailed and thorough back ground check screening for bias and past abuse, whether this would affect their decision process while evaluating homes
  • Social workers must obtain an extradited warrant for removing a child from their home by both a judge and physician 
  • Parents retain the right to be present at all court hearings retaining involvement to their children's cases
  • Parents and Social workers must record audio of any conversations had between them for liability reasons and/or wrong doings
  • Social workers caught committing perjury must face criminal charges as well as be susceptible to civil law suites from the parents and children affected

Though some of these propositions may seems extreme or expensive the lives and fates of BC children depend on this system. They need to be protected and have policies instilled that will ensure their safety both mentally and physically. Your signature can help ensure these necessary polices are taken under serious review and instilled immediately to help stop the abuse and loss of BC children's lives. 

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