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Don't take away Resident Hunters rights!

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To the Honourable the Legislative Assembly to the Province of British Columbia:

We, the undersigned, representing residents of British Columbia and supporters of resident hunting in the province, state that changes to the Province's Wildlife Harvest Allocation Policy announced in December 2014 provide an unwarranted larger share of hunting permits to BC's professional guides and outfitters, who primarily guide non-resident trophy hunters, at the expense of BC resident hunters.

The wildlife allocation made available to Guide Outfitters Association of BC members is unprecedented in North America and there is no economic justification for these allocation changes, which will adversely affect BC's resident hunters.

We, the undersigned, respectfully request that the provincial government repeal the changes to the Wildlife Harvest Allocation Policy announced on December 10, 2014 by the Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations and limit non-resident hunters and Guide Outfitters Association of BC members to the Wildlife Harvest Allocation with no more than a 90-10 % split, resident to non-resident.





As a Resident Hunter I am appalled at the Guide-Outfitters Association of British Columbia’s  (GOABC) attempt to reduce my hunting opportunities even more, in the interest of favouring well-heeled foreign clients.

We do NOT want our wildlife sold to foreign trophy hunters!

My ability to hunt and harvest wild game species in BC is what I use to fill my freezer and feed my family. Most of us look forward to the various hunting seasons as a way to get out with friends and family, teach our children and new hunters the joys of being outdoors with us and, ultimately, taking home some healthy, organic, free-range protein for the winter.

 This is increasingly in jeopardy as the GOABC gets more and more aggressive on the share of game they receive year after year.

 Guides Outfitters (GOs) already receive a larger share of native game in BC than in any comparable area. For instance, some States and provinces have it written in to law that Non-resident hunters may not receive more than 10% of Allowable Annual harvest (AAH). Fair enough.

 What did FLNRO Minister Steven Thomson allocate them in the last policy decision?

 40% of Grizzly Bears, 35% of Mountain Goats,20% of Bull Elk, up to 25% of Moose and 40% of Sheep. Sheep? FORTY Percent? Is this some kind of cruel practical joke?

Before these more generous figures even came out, over 70,000 BC hunters apply for only 13,000 lottery licenses (LEH) to hunt moose annually.

For example,  in recent years only 1 in 5 hunters get to hunt moose every year with an LEH to feed their family. And with the new allocations that will only get worse. I know some hunters that wait years for a Moose LEH, and more tags just got sold down the river to commercial market hunters. But: Foreign hunters can come here every year as long as they have the money and take moose permits away from 3,000 BC hunters every year.

We would like to see wildlife divided fairly in BC, 90 percent going to British Columbians and 10 percent going to foreign trophy hunters and the outfitters who guide them. 


GOABC members are ~225, BC Resident Hunters are 102,000 plus. Quite the imbalance, no? 

 Why then, should less than zero-point-three percent of BC voting hunters get up to 40% of some species while the 99.7%, the Resident Hunter, waits hopefully like a child at Christmas to see if the won the LEH they apllied for, and PAID FOR comes up empty or not?

These numbers are an insult to resident voting hunters in BC, and untenable. They are also unprecedented in any compatable district in all of North America.



If these new allocations are not immediately rescinded, we shall be forced to push for allocations to be adjusted down to where they should be, and then  legislated as law.

 Ten percent across the board, no exceptions.

 I hope the BC provincial Governmment and the GOABC is listening.


 The Resident Hunters of BC

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