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Christy Clark - BC Liberals: Premier of British Columbia: Ban Shark Fins in BC!

To Premier Clark and the BC government and Opposition MLAs:
Sharks, the apex predators of the oceans are rapidly disappearing. Over hunting of these monsters of the sea has resulted in severe declines amongst several shark species. The sharks are killed and have their fins cut off, to be used in shark fin soup, served in some Chinese restaurants. Sharks contain no meaningful nutritional value and are loaded with mercury and lead, but have been considered an Asian delicacy for years.
Recently, an attempt was made in Canada's House of Commons to ban the trade, selling and possession of shark fins. The bill was narrowly defeated, with 3 Conservatives actually voting for the ban.
Now we call on Premier Clark and the BC Government to introduce a province-wide ban on selling, trading or possession of shark fins. There is precedence for bans at equivalent levels of government. In the U.S., 8 states have officially banned shark fins, with more in the process of joining them.
We ask for BC's government to step up to the plate and make a bold move in helping to protect our oceans!
Let's all tell BC to take a bite out of the shark fin trade!

This petition was delivered to:
  • Premier of British Columbia
    Christy Clark (BC Liberals)
  • Official Opposition Leader
    Adrian Dix (BC NDP)
  • Premier of British Columbia
    Christy Clark

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