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Save Our Bees: Ban Neonicotinoids in British Columbia


Neonicotinoids are used on a wide variety of agricultural crops. However, they have deadly effects on our bee population. These harmful, toxic pesticides leech through our soil, ground water and water ways where they enter our environment. The effects of neonicotinoids on our bee population has been astounding. In fact, neonicotinoids kill other pollinators, amphibians, and insects too.

There have been a significant number of scientific and independent studies done to show the dangers of neonicotinoid use. In fact, there is no increase in agricultural yield in the long run, so why bother? Did you know the European Union stopped the use of these pesticides in April of 2013? Over 30 studies were reviewed before coming to that conclusion. Let's follow suit and ban the use of neonicotinoids in British Columbia - and Canada altogether.

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Holly Douglas
Social Media Coordinator
Wedderspoon Organic


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  • Premier, British Columbia
    Christy Clark
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  • Premier of British Columbia
    Christy Clark

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