Athletics Over Academics

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Athletics over Academics!? Why aren’t academics more important than Athletics? Don’t strip us of our accomplishments. When walking through the halls of Mastery Lenfest we are constantly reminded that our endless efforts to “make our school shine” is not nearly as appreciated as many assume. The students enrolled in Advanced Placement classes at Mastery Lenfest are given the opportunity to wear distinguished jackets that showcase our academic achievements. What our Advanced Placement jackets mean to us is exactly what championship gear means for a sports team. So why challenge the wearing of our Advanced Placement jackets and not that of Mastery Athletic wear? The AP students are subjected to embarrassing rule differences that the athletes are not. At our school AP students have been harassed by having our jackets unzipped to prove that we are wearing a uniform shirt however student athletes can wear whatever they desire under their sportswear. This is unfair. We should be able to celebrate our accomplishments but instead only the athletes get the respect.