Hate has no home in Chicago! Don't host Turning Point USA

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To Christopher Stevens, Executive Director, and
Grant Bailey, Assistant General Manager,
Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont, IL.

Hate is Not Welcome in Chicago - Don't Give a Platform to the AltRight and White Supremacists

Cancel the Turning Point USA Conference on April 14 and 15, 2018!

Turning Point USA is a campus organization best known for its "Professor Watchlist." The Watchlist purports to track, "expose and document college professors who discriminate against conservative students and advance leftist propaganda in the classroom." In reality it acts like a new form of McCarthyism.

Hundreds of professors across the country have been targeted by TPUSA and have been harassed, bullied and threatened as a result. Students are sent into classrooms to report on “liberal abuse” from their professors. Erroneous and inflammatory claims are published and picked up by many reactionary websites. This has resulted in physical threats in numerous cases, and some professors have been forced off their campuses.
Progressive activist students on campus have been photographed and filmed without their consent. They are stalked online, documenting their lives and doxing them. There are now hundreds of TPUSA chapters around the country, and their actions pose a real threat to professors, students, and activism on campus.

TPUSA claims to be a champion of free speech and free markets. In fact, they organize intimidation and instigate violent threats. TPUSA has connections to Alt-right and white supremacists and their lies are promoted on sites like InfoWars.

As reported in The New Yorker, TPUSA "fostered an atmosphere hostile to minorities." Its former national field director sent a text message to a fellow TPUSA member stating, "I hate black people. Like f*ck them all...I hate blacks. End of story."

This violent, white supremacist ideology and war on dissent and critical thinking now has a huge platform in the White House itself.

It is not welcome in Chicago and should not be given space to organize further attacks on students, professors, people of color, and dissent itself.

We the undersigned demand that you break your association with Turning Point USA and not give them a platform here.

Refuse Fascism, Chicago Chapter

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