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UK Government Grants for Dropping Kerbs

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UK Government Grants for dropping kerbs (vehicle crossover) to allow vehicles to cross pavement from road to a driveway and to keep roads safe and clean.

Lack of adopted car parking spaces in most of UK towns and cities forces the drivers to park their vehicles on streets which is tremendously unsafe.

According to “Vehicle licensing statistics: July to September 2017 report”, at the end of September 2017 there were 38 million vehicles on the roads in Great Britain. In the year to September 2017 the stock of vehicles increased by 1.7% and this was the lowest year-on-year increase since 2015 Q4.
Since 2015 Q4 the quarterly year-on-year have varied between 1.8% and 2.5%, so as we can see from this data, the pressure on parking spaces is growing.

Turning front gardens into an off-street parking space seem like an ideal solution to keep streets clear to enable smooth traffic flow and protect public safety.

Unfortunately, the costs for dropping kerbs and converting front gardens into driveways are extremely high and not everyone can afford it, however with Government Grants for dropping kerbs many of householders will find money to convert their front gardens into driveways.

Moreover, the Government Grands will be beneficial for those disabled people, who, for some reason, cannot have a blue badge parking on the road and they cannot financially afford to have a kerb dropped.

If you live on a busy street where you struggle for parking, converting your front garden into a driveway is a way of alleviating the parking congestion problem.

Off-street parking means less traffic congestion, safer roads and happier drivers.

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