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Christopher's Law - Protect Our Children

Christopher's Law is to help other children not return to an abused home until further investigation of all people living in the home or if the abuse was ongoing the child/children should NEVER return home to the parent/guardian. If we stop the abuse the first time around, we can save a life. It is not guaranteed the abuser will stop hurting the child and we the people need to stand up and speak for these innocent children and protect them from further abuse. WE ARE THEIR......  V.O.I.C.E  (voices of innocent children everywhere).

 Christopher Valdez died last week in Chicago on his 4th birthday and DCFS failed to help him. There were reports of abuse in the household but the investigators failed to believe so and left. The Mother abused the child and was in court for her actions but Judge James Murphy did not sentence any jail time nor did he take away Christopher, his punishment was anger management classes and kept Christopher in the abused home. The Mother and boyfriend continued to abuse him and nobody from DCFS came back to do an investigation nor did they stop by for a visit to check on the child.

His Mother has dissabilities to prevent her from knowing what is right or wrong, that should have been a sign right there but nobody helped her, the system failed Christopher. Please protect our children against abuse and neglect. When an agency comes to a home and notices signs of abuse, please remove that child/children out of the home immediately. Do not allow the parents/guardians to abuse the child/children more than they already have, take them out before it gets worse or death may occur.

Please help protect our children from neglect and abuse on the first initial visit. Order the parents/guardians to enroll in rehab if needed, go to counseling and anger management classes. If there is a live in boyfriend/girlfriend or any others in the household ask for them to leave the home before the child returnS and do a background search on them as well.  The child should not be placed in the home if nothing is done to protect them. If there was an ongoing investigation on a child, then the child should be taken out of the abused home for good and not return. Please call a foster home or church. The abuse will continue and we want a law to be passed so NO child returns to an abused home.

 Child protective agencies should not be allowed to leave after the first visit w/o the child/children if neglect or abuse was shown. Take the child/children with you until further notice. Contact a family member, neighbor or local church. Please help us protect the children before it's too late! If this is DCFS vision, then please help us change it. Christopher Valdez was not protected.

"The Department of Children and Family Services shall, upon receiving reports made under this Act, protect the best interest of the child, offer protective services in order to prevent any further harm to the child and to other children in the family, stabilize the home environment and preserve family life whenever possible."



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