No Australian weapons sales to war crime-accused Saudi Arabia

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Australian taxpayer's money is being used to help a local company, Electro Optic Systems (EOS), sell weapons systems destined for Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is a leading party in the Yemen conflict which has seen 85,000 children die since 2015. The UN has found that actions taken by the Saudi and UAE led coalition in Yemen may amount to war crimes. 

The $36 million to Electro Optic Systems stands in stark contrast to the Australian Government’s contribution to the world’s worst humanitarian crisis in Yemen which stands at just $23 million in direct funding over almost 4 years of the conflict.

Australians are shocked to learn that Australia could potentially be contributing to the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

We believe this is an unconscionable and un-Australian use of taxpayer money and that Australia must follow the international move away from military support for Saudi Arabia.

We believe Australian weapons systems cannot be ethically provided to a country with Saudi Arabia's track record of war crimes and human rights abuses, regardless of the potential theatre of conflict in which they may be deployed.

We, the signatories of this petition, demand an end to Australian Government support for the sale of weapon's systems to Saudi Arabia.

We also demand greater transparency on Australian involvement in international arms sales.  

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