Securing our Schools Against Shooters - NOW

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Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Marissa Tatulli, I am the mom of three children, two of which are in school. I am also on the PTO board at my sons school which means I spend a lot of time in the school and on a daily basis I'm high fiving the kids, joking around with them, or I simply just smile and greet them in passing.  The thought of anything happening to them makes me instantly emotional. As parents we live to protect our children, but yet sending them to school we get a feeling of instant anxiety in the pit of our stomachs that doesn't go away until we pick them up at the end of each day, this should NOT be. School once was a safe fun place, sadly its not that place anymore.  It does NOT matter where you live, how rich or poor you are, this violence doesn't discriminate.  As a mom, as an active member in my community and as a human being I have to do something and that something starts here.

I am starting this petition which I intend on sending to my local Senators, Governor, and Local Respresntative to propose and demand a change, NOW!  But I need your help.

My proposal is to put metal detectors in all of the schools, and possibly along with armed guards at the entrance. Equip every school with an armed officer and/or update the security systems at the schools that might not have an intelligent system in place including the use but not limited to the utilization of metal detectors. I am highly concerned with the gun control aspect of things and I feel strongly that a reform needs to happen and our gun laws need tweaking but right now it seems like gun control isn't going to happen or isn't a reality for some but these changes I'm proposing can happen now! Democrat or Republican? I don't care. There should be NO sides when it comes to the safety of our children.  I understand that there is a deeper reason why these horrific events take place, and that can be sorted out at the round table but if we can do something NOW to possibly prevent another one then why not?  My goal is to get change where its needed most.  After 9/11 metal detectors and armed guards were everywhere.  It was uncomfortable at first but we adjusted to it because it was there for the safety of our civilians.  These school shootings warrant the same adjustments.  

Please join me in my fight, I can not do this alone.  We need signatures, and we need A LOT of them.  Please sign this petition, and please pass it along! #protectourkidsNOW  


Marissa Tatulli