Shop colours

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It is with great sadness that we must report that someone in Denbigh finds the colour of our facia and signage offensive and has found it necessary to complain to Denbighshire county council. As a result we have received an order that gives us 30 days to totally change our shop colours both on the facia and signage outside. We have been open for 2 years, we have never had any negative feedback about the colour of our shop, in fact we have had many compliments about the bright colours of our shop and the signage. Now the council have told us that members of the public have complained and as the building has a listed status we must change the whole lot to the heritage colours, o and before we do this work (which is likely to cost a fortune) we must firstly apply to the council for permission to change it, yes that's right folks we must apply (at cost) to change the colours of our shop, even though we are being forced to do this by the same said Council! The whole thing is ludicrous, in fact it's bordering on absolute madness.

Well we are not going to change a dam thing without a fight. So we thought we would ask for the help of customers and the people of Denbigh. If you think we should keep the bright colours of our shop, please would you call into the shop and sign our petition? Or put pen to paper so we can put to the Council that the majority of Denbigh like our colours and signage and want it to stay. We would be very grateful for any support offered.

Thank you.

Chris & staff
Cariad Cards and Gifts