Ensure the Safety of the Residents of Glen Riddle Apartments in Middletown

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I am a resident of Middletown Township. Recently, Sunoco has begun work building a pipeline in my community at Glen Riddle Apartments. Many of my neighbors are concerned about our safety, the noise, and other negative effects of the construction. We know we cannot stop the pipeline, but we should be assured that we are safe and able to live our lives uninterrupted.

I am aware that the landlord of Glen Riddle Station Apartments has urged township officials to clarify their position on Sunoco’s construction and safety plans. They’ve also asked the township to meet with their engineer to discuss these concerns. 

We need your help now more than ever. I am writing to request that you require Sunoco to publicly share a plan that puts our safety first and minimizes disruption. I ask that you ensure that the plan meets all local, county, federal, and international guidelines for fire safety, construction safety, and noise pollution. I implore you to hold public feedback meetings where my neighbors and I can ask questions of township officials and Sunoco so we fully understand the impact on our families.  

Finally, I urge you to not give any exceptions or concessions to Sunoco. The pipeline has been proven to be harmful to other communities; we’re well aware of the 100+ violations that the Department of Environmental Protection has issued against Sunoco, including polluting wetlands, waterways, private water wells, even resulting in the loss of drinking water for residents of a Chester County community. We are looking to you to make sure those same things don’t happen in Middletown or Media.

As one of your constituents, I ask that you take this issue seriously and act quickly to protect myself and my neighbors. Thank you for your time and consideration.