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Patient's Lives Matter!

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To whom it may concern,
Recently, Dr. Imraan Ansaarie was ordered by the court not to provide medical care at Putnam Community Medical Center due to him leaving his former group approximately 3 months back. Dr. Ansaarie opened his own office to care for his patients. The new location is five miles from his former office in accordance to the agreement. His motives were driven by his passion, morals and dreams. Not greed.

Dr. Ansaarie is a very well qualified Cardiologist who truly has the patients best interest at heart. He carries a sterling reputation, receiving praise from patients and families of those he has cared for.  The love, admiration and passion to take care of people is shared by Dr Ansaarie and his patients alike, for this reason, the patients of Dr Ansaarie want their voices to be heard. We want to save him as he has saved us. It is our American Right to Stand with Dr. Ansaarie so the People of Putnam can have the best Cardiologist that they know and love. Many Patients are frightened by this move, they share concerns of his availability in the event that they need healthcare - as such, this petition has been created. Many of them ask.. "what if something happens to me and I get rushed to the hospital, He knows my medical history." These patients have grown to trust Dr. Ansaarie. He has saved many lives. My mom would say.. "he is an Angel, my Saving Grace!" 

If you agree with the statements mentioned above, please consider signing this petition to help Dr. Ansaarie regain the privilege to practice at PCMC.

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