Support the government proposal to commercialise the Thorsborne Trail on Hinchinbrook Isle

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Cardwell and surrounding areas have suffered dramatically since cyclone Yasi. Tourism is down by 47%, resulting in fewer jobs for the kids which in turn forces them to leave town in search of a career. In short this area of North Queensland is dying.

Having walked the Milford Sound, Routeburn Trail and Thorsborne Trail. I can appreciate what the government is trying to accomplish here. The facilities in NZ are very good which enables a large percentage of older folk the chance to experience this beautiful natural area in safety and comfort. You only carry cameras, a few cloths and and snacks. On the Thorsborne Trail the hiker packs everything, resulting in potential safe issues (one of the hikers in the group I was with spent weeks in hospital and many months in recovery following a fall) also some of the appreciation is lost for inexperienced walkers, who often struggle.

If the NZ mode of operation for hiking is used, all groups would be happy, this would open up this beautiful area (in a minimally invasive fashion) for many more people to appreciate and potentially save this area of North Queensland.

Please join me in supporting the state government in this venture.