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Stop the arson puppy raffle

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Remember the pet shop owner that had tried to burn her shop down with the 27 puppies inside? Well, the puppies have been caged up at Las Vegas' municipal kill shelter, The Animal Foundation, until ownership rights were relinquished. An agreement had been worked out to have the puppies released to a wonderful rescue, A Home 4 Spot Animal Rescue, that was going to make sure all of the puppies found loving homes. 

Well, the politically connected Animal Foundation, who has a history of putting financial gain before the best interests of the animals, made a back room deal with some of the County Commissioners today. The Commissioners suddenly supported The Animal Foundation keeping the puppies, even though they had no legal right, so that they could RAFFLE them, for tickets going for $250 a piece! 

The Humane Society of the United States is opposed to the raffling of animals for charity and there is even a stipulation in the county code that says no animal shall be bartered in exchange for a transfer of ownership. Instead of focusing on finding good homes for these poor puppies, that have been isolated for over a month, The Animal Foundation is seeing GREEN and wants to make as much cash as possible. 

The Animal Foundation does not NOT have a shortage of funds either. According to their 2012 tax returns, they have 3.5 million sitting in savings and they receive nearly 4 million annually in our tax dollars. Plain and simple, this is about greed!

Bark off with me and call the County Commissioners at 702-455-3500 and demand that they put a stop to this repulsive puppy raffle! 

The poor puppies have been through enough and shouldn’t have to continue to suffer as The Animal Foundation tries to make a buck off of them. For those of you who don’t know, The Animal Foundation is a high kill shelter that killed 53% of the animals they took in last year and is also the same shelter my pawrents rescued me from. We have been trying to have this mismanaged organization removed from running our shelter through our non-profit NKLV (No Kill Las Vegas)


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