Save Our Trees!

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A neighbour at the address of 448 New Dundee Rd. (multiple acres of land) has plans to remove EVERY SINGLE TREE on his property starting Monday March 11th. Last spring we spoke to a surveyor who was on his property surveying the land. He shared the owners plans to build forty-five row houses with 25 foot lots removing hundreds of mature trees. Concerned for the fabric of this neighbourhood and the trees, we contacted the City of Kitchener who have informed us that there has been no property re-zoning application received or approved as of yet. The city further informed us that we would be notified of any zoning changes taking place or even any "activity" well before it commences. We would then be given the opportunity to raise our concerns. We have never received any notices in the past year. Today, we noticed a worker on the property removing tags from multiple trees. When we approached him, he confirmed that he worked for a lumber company and that they will be commencing work Monday March 11th to remove EVERY SINGLE TREE on the property. We are very concerned that this is irresponsible land development considering no re-zoning application has been received nor approved and there has been no opportunity for public input. Considering the grading of this land, and no pre-approval for building, we are desperately concerned for the amount  of trees that will die next week.