STOP the Government from Seizing your property based on JUST SUSPICION

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The Government of Trinidad and Tobago is trying to get a bill passed in Parliament that gives them the power TO SEIZE YOUR ASSETS BASED ON ONLY A SUSPICION.
- Faris Al Rawi removed the 3/5 Majority requirement to make it easier for the government to pass the Bill. Why remove the opposition which represents 350,000 Voters?
- You no longer have to be convicted of a crime for the state to seize your assets. They can do that solely on a Suspicion.
- If they seize your assets you have to prove your wealth and if you win your case in court, you HAVE TO PAY FOR ALL COSTS INCURRED in the Seizure of your Property before the state releases your property.
- The Law Association of Trinidad and Tobago NEVER RECEIVED A COPY of the Bill to have their say in the structure of the bill. Why? Because they government does not want justifiable objection to their ability to TERRORIZE the citizens of this country.
- If you have ever been convicted of a crime, the Bill is RETROACTIVE and your property can now be seized if this bill passes into law.
You MUST SIGN THIS PETITION which will be delivered to the President of the Senate to have this bill stopped at the Senate and not enacted into Law. If the government wants to go after corrupt politicians, let them get the burden of proof as is the proper proceeding under the laws of all nations.

The Bill must be stopped and proper conditions must be included to ensure that the state has the burden of proof for any request to seize the assets of citizens.

I am starting this petition because I believe that the state should never enact laws that breach the constitutional rights of ordinary citizens and must never empower themselves with tools that can be used to terrorize citizens into submission.