Provide more affordable prescription drugs in Ontario

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All over Canada, people are paying thousands of dollars a month for medication. For example, a woman, Melissa Ozard,  from Saanich has spoken out about their 8000$ monthly fees on the medication her son requires. The high costs have forced the family to borrow money and even start a Gofundme page just to be able to afford the medicine. Ozard and her family are not the only ones going through these struggles. According to CBC, the price of Canada's top selling drugs has increased by 800% over the last 10 years, despite the fact that the drugs were not fundamentally changed. Although the Ontario Government provides free prescription drugs for people under 25 without private insurance, the soaring prices of these drugs affect millions of other people. Sign the petition to help us pressure the Ontario Government to start regulating drug prices/providing more support for people in need of financial aid.