Please Fix Ontario's Broken Healthcare System

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My youngest brother was recently diagnosed with an AVM and a brain bleed, and  my family watched firsthand the mismanagement of his diagnosis and treatment.

On April 10, 2019 he was admitted into the Emergency Department at Royal Victoria Hospital, complaining of headaches and vomiting. He clearly was in distress, however through a series of minor assessments, the staff at RVH assumed he was "stoned" on bad marijuana, and sent him home.

The headaches continued, and on April 11, 2019 he was taken by ambulance again to RVH. After multiple hours in the ER, the staff ordered a head CT scan, and discovered that he had brain hemorrhage and was transferred to Toronto Wester Hospital.

From there he spent 78 hours in the ER department, being shuffled from one room to another waiting for a bed. During this time he was examined by multiple doctors, and was waiting on tests and results to assess his situation.

On Monday April 15 he was admitted into a bed at Toronto Western, and was administered an Angiogram test, the most detailed test to look at his condition.

The AVM my brother was diagnosed with will likely required surgery, and comes with many possibly side effects including potential long term brain damage.

My goal with this petition is to bring light to the issues facing the Ontario healthcare system, and receive a pledge from the Ontario government that something is going to change. The recent release of the fiscal budget from the Ontario government doesn't do nearly enough to address the growing issues facing our healthcare system. The commitment of $384 million proposed by the Ontario budget into hospitals is justt a drop in the bucket to try and fix the provincial healthcare system.