OHIP Covers Plantar Warts but Does Not Cover Warts on Hands!

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This Petition is Directed to the Minister of Health and Long Term Care of Ontario

I am a RN who provides services to patients who suffer from verrucae or warts from the HPV virus. Wart removal/treatment is covered by OHIP if it is on a patient's feet, genitals or if the patient is immunocompromised. I have so many patients who struggle with warts for years and they need to pay large amounts of money every time they get treated for warts on their hands (palmar, periungual, digits...). Why are the hands not covered?

Dear Minister Christine Elliott, please allow insured coverage for wart treatment on the hands.

I have patients who suffer a great deal physically, emotionally, and psychologically from these warts. I have patients who have comorbidities and their warts are spreading, but they cannot afford these treatments. I have adolescents embarrassed by these warts that they keep them hidden in their pockets and refuse to play sports or socialize with fear of humiliation. I have patients who work in construction and need to carry heavy objects, which causes them pain when pressure is applied onto the warts. Why are warts covered on the feet but not on the hands?

Moreover, I have patients who have warts on their hands who transmit the HPV virus to their children and to themselves (from hands to feet and vice versa), which is a vicious transmission cycle. If a patient is only treating the plantar warts related to full coverage from OHIP, but is not treating the warts on their hands, retransmission occurs. It is important to treat the warts on the hands since this virus spreads via contact, and hands come into contact with everything. It is optimal to cover both (hands and feet) to reduce the rate of transmission and retransmission of warts.

I work at a clinic, where patients who meet the eligibility of laser treatment need to have exhausted other treatment options for a minimum of 2 years prior to seeing us. Laser treatments are expensive when uninsured, and can add up as they are calculated by the number of laser pulses. Multiple treatments may be needed. This treatment is completely covered for plantar warts. Again, why not the hands?

Please consider insuring treatment of warts on the hands!


Please see an excerpt of the current OHIP coverage of warts below,

Appendix D, Surface Pathology, 8.(b) is changed to include perianal warts:(b) Removal or treatment of warts by any means is an insured service in the case of plantar warts, perianal and genital warts and all warts in immunocompromised patients.




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