A Letter to Christine Blasey Ford, From a 14 Year Old Girl

A Letter to Christine Blasey Ford, From a 14 Year Old Girl

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Dear Christine Blasey Ford,

I am a fourteen year old girl named Olivia. For much of my life, I lived fearlessly, blissful in my innocence. The world was good, and people were good. I was safe.

I no longer feel that way. As I sit here now writing this letter, my emotions can be described in a single word: dread.

Brett Kavanaugh - no, Justice Kavanaugh - was just confirmed to the Supreme Court.

I am a child nearing adulthood. And my life - as a girl - will forever be ruled on by a judge who assaults women.

I grapple with the irony of that. A man who shows an utter lack of respect for women - their rights, their bodies, their minds, their feelings - will decide the fate of millions of women across the nation.

I am deeply afraid. And I am not afraid to admit that.

Women who accuse men of sexual assault are being labeled as liars.

This is perhaps what frightens me the most: the idea that, should something ever happen to me, my story would not be believed, and the assaulter would go unpunished. At this moment, the United States is raising a society of men who are being taught they can abuse women and get away with it.

Yet half the country has never been happier.

I am not sure why I was surprised that the Supreme Court’s newest member is someone as horrific as Brett Kavanaugh. Women do not matter, and they have never mattered. After all, that’s the narrative the US government is sending young girls around the country.

And when girls start to believe it? That’s when things get truly frightening. When girls start to believe they are nothing, it becomes true. If you are nothing, why try becoming a physicist? Why try becoming an athlete? Why try anything?

Stay in the kitchen. Stay quiet, stay nice, stay pretty. You’re not as strong, you’re not as smart, you’re not as good. You’re inferior.

So here I am. Writing this letter.

Because without women like you - women who stand up and speak out against men who do bad things - this narrative would be stronger than ever.

I believe I am capable of great things. And I hope I will be capable of doing a thing as great as what you did on October 1st, 2018, when you walked into a room of people who wanted nothing more than to make a strong woman weak. Thank you, Dr. Ford. Thank you for showing young girls across the nation what it means to be a powerful woman. Thank you for having the courage to speak out against injustice. Thank you. Thank you.

As my fifteenth birthday approaches, I know I will hold your bravery in my heart and use it to guide my decisions as a young woman. Because of you, I will be stronger.

Because of you, Dr. Ford, women all over the country will be stronger. Because of you, girls across the nation are realizing they have a voice. You have ushered in an era of change. You will not be forgotten.

I know that your actions will lead girls to fight for their rights more intensely than ever before. You have showed us that women are still being ignored, even as 2019 approaches.

And we will not settle for it.

So thank you, Dr. Ford. Your name means strength and resilience and power. And I am eternally grateful.



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