Get the Ottawa Citizen to stop publishing hateful articles that support rape culture

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Recently, the Ottawa Citizen has published what they call an 'opinion' on the #metoo movement. While many of us are trying to raise awareness and keep the ongoing battle of abolishing rape culture, public platforms should think twice about the message they're sending. 

The article many of you have probably read by now 'explains' how the #metoo movement is an opinion rather than a real situation to which you supposedly have the choice to agree with or not. This kind of message puts the responsibility on the victim rather than the abusers...for being raped. 

The #metoo movement is not an opinion, it's a truth. A reality that many are trying to hide from. I bet a lot of abusers also think that the #metoo movement isn't for them. 

It's time to let the Ottawa Citizen know that it is no longer tolerated to publish, or allow articles such as this to be on our public platforms. We're trying to make a change, do it too. 

By signing this petition, you're adding your voice to let the Ottawa Citizen's editorial board that they have to stop posting hateful messages. 

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