Petition against proposed development named "Farmstead at N. Orchard" Vacaville Ca.

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In my opinion this type of development does not belong nor fit in the North Orchard neighborhood. There are no other highly compacted housing in our area, it is totally unlike any other development that has taken place in the N. Orchard area since 1974.

It's further my opinion that these duplexes will put further strain on our water system that already experiences low water pressure.

It's also my opinion that highly compacted housing (Development calls it medium, but considering that housing means single family homes, and that I have not seen single family homes more compacted than this, that this is the highest possible compact single family housing possible) brings more crime even if we are considering crime per capita, that's not considering the stress involved in being married to your neighbor, having common walls, small outside living space, etc.

This type of housing is usually created for people who commute, considering the Vacaville transit system ignores N. Orchard, there are no current stops, this means all these people will be in transit to and from their highly compacted homes.

I would posit that the only people who will benefit from this destructive proposed project will only be the developers and whatever city leaders might benefit politically or financially from it. It will bring more crime, put more burden on our water system, cause a significant increase in traffic and be an eye sore we must drive past every day on our way to our jobs.

It does not benefit us in any way I can see, but it does create burdens we should not have to suffer. It breaks with the overall theme of the N. Orchard neighborhood.

It seems to me that developments like this would be better placed closer to the freeway, where they are actually needed and wanted. N. Orchard is at the very edge of the city boundaries, literally bordering the line between county and city. Why is a bedroom community, highly compacted, duplex development even being considered this far away from where the people who might live there need to be?

It's my opinion that the developers wish to profit as much as possible, but at our expense. It's also my opinion that they are using the reputation of our neighborhood as a benefit to add to their profit margin. The developers are not part of our community, they live far away and yet their advertising seeks to promote them as locals who care. They do not care about the people in our neighborhood, they only care to profit from our reputation as being one of the best neighborhood in Vacaville.