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Aloha, I know most of you heard that HIDOE recently canceled the class of 2020 traditional ceremony, I’ve created this petition to protest for Christina Kishimoto along with the rest of the HIDOE to allow our tradition graduation ceremony to happen at a later time. I understand that due to uncertain times and our current situation, During this pandemic that right now is not the time for a graduation . At this time we’re asking if the HIDOE can push it back to a later date, even if it’ll be a few months later, we ask that the HIDOE does not cancel graduation. It’s not fair, just like any other class the class of 2020 has been waiting there whole lives for graduation the moment we all look forward to since kindergarten, for some students graduation will be one of the biggest mile stones, before entering adulthood hood, proudly walking across that stage with a cap and gown listen our, family, friends, and community cheer for us is one of our life long accomplishments, that we will cherish forever. It’s not fair to cancel it after all the hard work and dedication that all class of 2020 seniors put in though out all the years, for the HIDOE to just cancel it all of a sudden. on behalf of the class of 2020 seniors we ask HIDOE to push our graduation back a few months instead of cancel it. ONLY THE HIDOE HAS THE POWER TO CHANGE THAT!