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JUSTICE FOR CHESTER, TALINDA AND CHILDREN- Boycott TMZ until a change is made.

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Since July 20th of this year, TMZ Has done nothing but exploit the death of Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. They have been so quick to release unnecessary and untrue information regarding his death. From heartbreaking 911 calls, to graphic details of the scene where and how Chester was found, and the exact details down to the brand of the belt that was used to take his life. Today TMZ more than crossed the line when they released information that was retracted by the coroner Because Talinda, his wife asked that it not be made public to protect their 6 children. She was able to do so by using marital privilege. Of course the scum at TMZ decided that they would go ahead and publish it instead. 

For YEARS TMZ has been crossing lines and invading the privacy of celebrities. They have gotten to a point where they are causing harm, actually interfering in people's and most importantly childrens lives. They are the bully of Hollywood and they need stopped. 

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