It’s Time For Change! ACCESSIBLE Restrooms with Adult Sized Changing Tables

It’s Time For Change! ACCESSIBLE Restrooms with Adult Sized Changing Tables

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Please help me spread the word and create much needed change!

When your child or another loved one has a disability, families often feel isolated. Due to a lack of resources and proper supports, there are many times when they just can’t do certain things or go certain places like everybody else. What happens when families do make the choice to venture out for the day and then realize there are no accommodations for your loved one who faces unique and difficult challenges?

One of those challenges on my mind and heart that I know tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of people can relate to being able to utilize public restrooms.

Where do I change my son who is 7 years old and 70 pounds? He’s too large for the baby changing station, of course. If I try to change him standing up, it creates a mess and he gets even more upset. We are left with no choice but to change him on the FLOOR.

That's right ... a cold, dirty, germ-laden floor.

No parent or caregiver should have to lay their child (or adult loved one) on a public restroom floor and change them while everyone is staring and pointing fingers. And how absolutely degrading is that to the individual being changed? It is mortifying for them and it is unacceptable.

Every time I change my son in public, my heart breaks a little more. Quite frankly, it brings me to tears. My sweet boy has autism and sensory processing disorder. Public restrooms are already difficult for him because of the loud sounds (automatic flushing toilets, blaring hand dryers, rapid flowing sinks, music playing as if you were in a concert hall) Typically he has to wear his noise cancelling head phones just to go into a public restroom or he cannot tolerate them at all. It is very stressful for him. When he has a toileting accident while we are in public, we are forced to change our son ... on the floor.

I’ve created a video for you to watch and share to further spread this critical message. We need to get the word out and talk about the difficulties that families like ours face every day! We are grateful that our son is able to stand and able to walk, but what are families doing with their loved ones that are in wheelchairs?

I can tell you from previous conversations with other parents ... they leave.

Their loved ones sit in soiled underwear or pull-ups for an entire car ride home and they get changed in the privacy of their home. Not only are they punished by sitting in their own urine or bowel movements, but often lose out on a family outing or social opportunity because public places have no reasonable, sanitary, or humane accomodations.

This NEEDS to change! We CAN and MUST do BETTER.

We should not be forced to leave or change our loved ones on dirty floors of public restrooms. There needs to be an area that is safe, private and accommodating for families with disabilities. Adult changing tables need to be added so that our families and their loved ones can be an ACTIVE, INCLUSIVE part of the community.

I am at the begininning stages of trying to implement changes. I am asking you to please watch my video, sign my petition, and help me get the word out about just how very important this issue is to families with loved ones who have special needs. I will continue to reach out to state legislators, contact more business owners, and have dialogue with organizations to assist. I will continue to post updates as they become available.

Thank you in advance for your support!




0 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!
At 25,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!