Freedom of Speech In Virginia In Crisis, ACT NOW

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The Virginia Beach City Council has asked the General Assembly of Virginia to ban Gay Conversion Therapy. Virginia Beach is the largest city in Virginia, so this request has the potential to set the tone for other localities in the state. Also, Gay Conversion Therapy is already banned in the state's capitol. Please sign this petition to help stop the potential ban of conversion therapy from becoming a reality in Virginia.

Banning conversion therapy would infringe upon the First Amendment Rights of Christians, Pastors, Counselors, Psychiatrists, and Psychologists who are seeking to help those that desire to overcome same sex urges and the LGBT lifestyle. Such legislation would prohibit the freedom of speech which is granted in our US Constititution.  

Christians do not prevent those that are heterosexual from becoming LGBT, so why should those of the LGBT seek to prevent Christians that are seeking to help those of the LGBT to overcome that lifestyle. Please sign this petition to uphold our freedom of speech contained in the First Amendment of our Constitution. Time is of essence. Please sign and share with those who believe in the freedom of speech.