Evangelicals for COVID-19 Vaccines

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Evangelicals who get vaccinated against COVID-19 demonstrate their love of neighbors, care for the most vulnerable, and protect our own bodies. This is why we’ve chosen to be vaccinated. But a recent study shows that white Evangelicals are less likely to get vaccinated than most other groups in the United States. This is why this campaign is needed--for the sake of our communities of faith and for our country. Join us by committing to be vaccinated for the sake of the world God loves. Commit with us in encouraging Evangelicals to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Biblical Reasons for Getting Vaccinated

As Christians we are called to love our neighbors (Matthew 22:29), and one way we can follow this Biblical teaching is by getting vaccinated against COVID-19. We practice love for others who are vulnerable (Luke 10:27) to contracting this deadly virus by choosing to be vaccinated. We care for our own bodies as temples of God’s Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19) by getting a COVID-19 vaccine.  We love our neighbors as we’ve been taught to love ourselves (Mark 12:31) by encouraging and assisting others with grace to get a COVID-19 vaccine.  We demonstrate our love of the Lord our God with our heart, soul, and mind (Mark 12:30) by lovingly speaking truth (Ephesians 4:25) about COVID-19 vaccine science and countering COVID-19 vaccine misinformation (Exodus 20:16). 

Based on God’s word, we believe that leaders in the church are held to a higher standard of accountability as we lead and influence others (James 3:1). Because we are committed to the flourishing of all of God’s children, we take seriously the responsibility to speak truthfully and lovingly about vaccination. We can bear testimony and witness to God’s love and Christ’s teachings (Romans 1: 16-17) to our neighbors in the ways described above by getting vaccinated against COVID-19.

Relationship Between Faith and Science

God has gifted us with an incredible capacity to love our neighbors, including through science and modern advances in medicine like COVID-19 vaccines. We believe that the Creator of heaven and earth—the author of scientific inquiry and understanding—is honored through vaccinations that protect human beings from contracting COVID-19. Further, in a forthcoming special volume of the Journal of Psychology & Christianity edited by the Humanitarian Disaster Institute several studies reveal that the pandemic not only negatively impacts peoples’ physical health, but also their spiritual and emotional health. God has granted wisdom and insight to researchers, leaders, and providers who are saving lives by making COVID-19 vaccinations available and accessible. We express our faith in Christ by honoring God, our neighbors, and ourselves in this way.

Our Commitments

  1. We are committed to receiving COVID-19 vaccinations to protect ourselves and our neighbors in our churches and communities from harm.
  2. We are committed to encouraging Evangelicals and others in general to get vaccinated against COVID-19.
  3. We are committed to lovingly speaking the truth about COVID-19 vaccine science and countering COVID-19 vaccine misinformation.

Ways You Can Help RIGHT NOW (Total time: 5-8 minutes)

  • Sign and share this petition with others. Reach out to family, friends, co-workers, pastors, church and community leaders to encourage them to sign and share with others online through social media, email, calls, or texts. 
  • Follow the petition’s progress on social media. Like or follow the Humanitarian Disaster Institute’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to get the latest updates, resources, and information about the campaign.
  • Schedule an appointment to get a COVID-19 vaccine. If you haven’t already, when appointments are available schedule a time to get vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • Serve people in your church who need help getting a vaccine. Some people who are most vulnerable to COVID-19  and want to get it may have trouble navigating websites or getting a ride to vaccine sites. You can work with your church to support them. 
  • Sign-up to volunteer to provide COVID-19 relief. Visit the National COVID-19 Day volunteer platform and sign-up to help others impacted by the pandemic in your community or online. Through the platform you can also register volunteer opportunities to get others involved. 
  • Attend our upcoming virtual town hall. Get equipped for talking with others in your church and community about the COVID-19 vaccine. Attend our upcoming Town Hall on Tuesday, April 28th at 11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. CST. Register today to receive event details as they become available. 

For more tools to help you and your church communicate about the importance of getting vaccinated against COVID-19 visit COVID-19 Community Corps for free fact-based public health guides, tip sheets, messaging, videos, and more. 

About Us
Jamie Aten and Kent Annan, published together in various media outlets as "two evangelicals," lead humanitarian and disaster response initiatives from an Evangelical Christian perspective. They thoughtfully engage with others through their work in higher education, across global media platforms, and training program development. Connect with Jamie online at jamieaten.com and with Kent at kentannan.com.