Christians Should not be Banned From Using Publicly Funded Facilities in BC, Canada

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"On May 5, Nanaimo's city council voted 8 to 1 to ban a Christian-themed leadership conference that was scheduled for their city's convention centre just four days later.

City councilors condemned the event as “hateful”, compared it to the Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram, and said the decision to ban the event from public property was no different than if they had voted to ban an organized crime ring, too.

It was vicious. But nothing came close to the vile bigotry spewed at that meaning by Nanaimo councilor Jim Kipp. He didn't beat around the bush – he was against Christians, especially “strong Christians”. He's the one who compared them to terrorists and criminals.

You can see the shocking video of the city council for yourself, here:

Fast-forward to 12 minutes into it, to see the barrage. You'll be disgusted and shocked. One councilor, Bill Bestwick, actually suggested that city hall politicians have the power to interfere with the conference, and literally to black out the simulcast when a Christian pastor was scheduled to speak. Bestwick was very excited about his role as self-appointed religious censor.

We cannot let this stand.

Imagine if it were a Jewish or Muslim or Sikh or Hindu group that was denounced in this vicious manner. It's impossible to imagine.

We've got to fight back – not just for the civil rights of Nanaimoites, but to set an example, that this kind of intolerance and anti-Christian discrimination is against Canadian laws and contrary to Canadian values."

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