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I'm a straight Christian, and I am so sick of people using my faith as an excuse for discrimination. Christianity is supposed to be about loving your neighbors and treating all people as brothers and sisters. 

Here's the worst part: the company that owns isn't even Christian. The company is called Spark Network, and it owns many dating sites, including, a dating site for Jewish people that DOES allow gay people! 

I think it's disgusting that the Spark Network is using to promote a hateful image of Christians and discriminate against gay people. 

I'm a member of a United Methodist Church, and there are a lot of amazing gay Christians in my congregation. By excluding anyone who is not straight from joining their website, is ignoring the fundamental teachings of love and grace, therefore misrepresenting my religion.

If the people who owned were truly homophobic, I could see where it would be hard to change their minds. But clearly, that's not the case, since they own other websites where gay people are allowed to join. I know that if enough people sign my petition, we can convince them to make their website more inclusive -- not to mention more Christian.


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Allow LGBT Community to Find God's Match for Them!
As the primary Christian dating site on the web, you have a responsibility to represent the teachings of Christ in your actions. By excluding anyone who is not straight from joining the website, you disregard Jesus's number one commandment of loving thy neighbor. Love your neighbor. NOT "Love your neighbor unless he is gay." Christianity is about LOVE and GRACE--not judgement. A Christian dating site that practices such discrimination and judgement is unrepresentative of the teachings of Christ and therefore, practicing false advertisement. Please ask yourself, what would Jesus do?

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