Letter to the Attorney General, Parental Alienation awareness campaign.

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We the people of Australia demand that Christian Porter the Attorney-General for the Commonwealth of Australia seek the maximum penalty of 7 years for the current child abduction case currently going through the Brisbane law Courts.

Two twin daughters were unlawfully abducted from their father when they were 7. Their mother who made accusations against the father that were proven false by the police abducted her daughters from their fathers custody. The mother stayed on the run for 4 years keeping the children from receiving a proper education at the expense of denying access to their father. Further more, the mother used other peoples medicare cards which is in itself fraud.

Police advised the mother has been working cash in hand to provide income and avoid being detected.

This is a clear example of a mother going to extreme lengths to punish her Ex husband in way of child alienation to her childrens detriment. The children have missed out on 4 years of a proper education and have lost the connection with their father, their school friends, aunties, uncles, grandparents. All those around them have been personally affected.

Christian Porter must demand and seek the maximum penalty of 7 years to demonstrate and re affirm to the people of Australia that child alienation / child abduction is a serious offense and regardless of gender you will be punished to the full extent of the law.
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