I was sold an ICE contaminated house — urgently protect homeowners from dangerous toxins

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It’s a living hell — my young family’s forced to live out of a caravan because our new house is contaminated with meth toxins. My husband and I are shocked — we didn't know that our house was contaminated with ICE from the previous owners and now we’re $80,000 in debt trying to make it safe again.

I can’t believe it —authorities aren’t required to warn home buyers and renters of a property’s prior contamination history. Despite appearing well kept the walls, carpet and timber of our new home are full of meth toxins. The entire house is about to be gutted by decontamination experts.

The health risks to my kids are dangerous — experts say meth levels detected on children living in homes with prior exposure to the drug can be equivalent to an adult user.

We’re not alone — this week I was interviewed by The Feed SBS in a story on the unwitting victims of ice, including a scientist who revealed there’s tens of thousands of other families at risk like mine across the country.

Experts say it’s easy to prevent — there’s two clear things that can be done. First, compulsory reporting must be introduced so home buyers and renters are made aware of a property's history before they move in. And second, homes must be chemically tested for meth contamination before going to market. This is not a costly ask — meth toxin tests can be bought online for $100. This change just needs to be made.

Please sign and share my petition to the Minister for Housing Christian Porter, calling on him to immediately crack down on the damaging effects of “meth houses” and protect innocent families.