Drop the charges against whistleblower David McBride #AfghanFiles

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In light of the Defence Dept releasing the Brererton Report on the Afghan Files investigation, it is even clearer that the Government did everything they could to muzzle David McBride. Mr McBride reported internally the information contained in the newly released report and was effectively managed out of the Defence Dept. After he informed some journalists of what he knew this Government had him charged and he is facing the possibility of a 50 year prison sentence.. We now know heinous  crimes have been committed by a small number of SAS members and they will  face criminal trials and hopefully time in prison. The stench of this Australian Government corruption is strong.

The Australian people call on the Attorney General to drop the charges pending against David McBride. Some of us are wondering if the LNP went down this path in order to attempt to protect a current sitting member of Parliament. The Attorney General has already conceded charges against the journalists would not be pursued . It is now time to admit the grave error he made by pursuing David McBride.