Australia Needs A Criminal Cases Review Commission - Now!

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No Mother or Father should have to see their innocent son or daughter in jail for something they did not do. But this is the harsh reality for too many everyday Australians.

Wrongful Convictions are a sad reality of the Australian Criminal Justice System.  Each year a small but significant number of people are wrongfully convicted for a variety of crimes.  Many receiving lengthy prison sentences for crimes they did not commit. Unfortunately, many are NOT overturned on appeal.

In other countries, such as England and New Zealand, people who maintain their innocence are able to have their cases reviewed by a "Criminal Cases Review Commission."

A Criminal Cases Review Commission is an independent body that has the power to re-examine evidence, call witnesses and further investigate a case where there is a possibility that there has been a miscarriage of justice.  If it is identified that there is the possibility that a person has been wrongfully convicted, it can be referred back to the appeals court.

A Criminal Cases Review Commission gives the wrongfully convicted a hope that their cases will be retried.  Otherwise, they end up spending years in jail for something they did not do.  

I have seen the pain, the grief, financial and emotional loss a family experiences when a loved one is wrongfully convicted. If your loved one was wrongfully convicted, would you want a way to fix it?

Please sign this petition for the establishment of a Criminal Cases Review Commission in Australia.