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Tumi_Must_Fall (Jacaranda)

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Tumi Morake has crossed the line when she openly expressed her personal opinion about WHITE people of South Africa and how they are bullies and need to be punished for what happened in Apartheid. She carried on to explain how she has to raise children in this country and how hurt she is after all the racial remarks due to Steve Hofmeyr being called out for being a pro-white, yet she can openly, on air, with thousands of listeners, proudly say she is pro-black. How is it that in the past, white presenters were fired due to these kind of remarks but she gets to keep her title because she has a "right to lift her opinion" over how she cares for "her people of the soil" while the rest of us, yes, DIE WIT MENSE, who belong here too, needs to sit and listen to her pathetic excuses and how she tries to turn the story around, pretending to be sincere but still goes on to say we should look at ourselves before we judge others? Why should we listen to how she insults us and allow her to vent on air about her people while ours are being killed by the second by these so called "people of the soil"?? Nee wat.
Tumi Morake needs to GO!

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