Put Brenton Tarrant in prison and throw away the keys!

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I am writing this petition because I am fed up with what is going on. Brenton Tarrant is the man responsible for killing innocent people in their place of worship, in Christchurch. How he committed these murders are gut wrenching. He went on Facebook live and streamed it for the world to see. He took many lives in cold blood and killed them with no remorse or guilt. Shooting them like they were nothing and continue to shoot at them even after they were lifeless! And now, he has decided to plea NOT GUILTY for the murders of those innocent people and refuses to take accountability for the crime he has committed.  This is after the world has witnessed him kill and take those innocent peoples lives. After the families of those who were murdered have seen him do it in the most cruelest and most inhuman way possible. Let’s stand against injustice together and vote to put this man behind bars indefinitely. Let’s not forget the 51 lives he has taken. Amongst those who have been killed are children, robbed of their youth, and adults who will never get another chance of life again. Let’s not stay quiet and make sure he is behind bars indefinitely. He deserves to pay for his actions.