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This petition had 11 supporters                           Please sign petition and share link with others.                                LET US BE WITH CHRIST WHILE WE ARE STILL ALIVE.     May Christ feel invited and welcomed among us.                           Our Invitation allows Christ to come before us because Christ has to respect free will of mankind.                                             Invite Christ for whatever reason you like to :

  •  See real Christ as One of us appear before all mankind
  • Hear Christ  advise mankind how to solve our problems.
  • Feel Christ Love Energy
  • Invite Christ to your heart to be your Guide, and to work through you.

Christ is here to work through us if we let Him. It is up to us to be the change we want to see'. We the People are responsible to know & act as co-creators of a new and better way for everyone.

As adviser, teacher and role model Christ is here to remind us of our soul identity, our own greatness as spiritual beings having a human experience. Christ is here to teach Ye are gods, Ye shall do the greater works  Are we the ones able to respond?   Acting together we shall succeed.  Future is what we co-create.            We The People must free ourselves from the grip of the evil 1%     

  • We must unite to stop being enslaved by the global banksters
  • Replace Monetary system, microchip+cashless society designed to enslave, with People's Money Banks
  • Stop Big Pharma scam + vaccines + GMOs to depopulate us Let alternative treatments
  • Withheld technologies like free energy, anti-gravity travel, health+life extension to be shared for the good of all 
  • We must stop mind control, sexual abuse, torture, and satanic sacrifice of children.

We are here to grow in Light, to take care of each other and mineral, plant and animal kingdoms. Let us restore our environment from nuclear radiation, clean air, water, earth soil.   Let us together consciously co-create better world for all:         Individual Inner and Outer Freedom,                                                   Right human relations between individuals.                                                                                                                                                         The first step is to find each other.                                                    Please sign petition and share it others.     Thank You                    Together We are Christ Welcome Team                                                                                                                                                                Skyski


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