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Christ the King Lutheran Church and the British Columbia Lutheran Synod Please Give Surrey Urban Mission More Time To Find a New Building

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Not long ago the only service the mission offered was a hot meal three or four times a week.

For the last ten years The Surrey Urban Mission has been working to combat homelessness, poverty, drug addiction and loneliness in their community. Millions of Volunteer hours, Hundreds of thousands of people - Volunteers and Guests alike; The "Mission" as it is affectionately referred to by those who know it well, refer to everyone who uses their services as "Guests". They do not have clients, and they do not offer a Soup Kitchen.

The Volunteers offer 3 Free meals during the week and a Saturday Morning Breakfast referred to as "Community Meals"

Now the programs include:

• 4 Meals a week
• Day-camp
• Weekly women's group
• weekly youth group
• drug addiction counselling and support
• Help for Parent Families
• Help for single women and single men
• Housing assistance
• Medical care - Working with the local hospitals to get aid to those in need
• A Massive Christmas dinner for the entire city of Surrey that serves 1500 meals every Christmas Day
• Recovery and Rehab assistance
• They were instrumental in organizing the BC Homeless Count 2 years ago
• They organize "Connect Day" Every year in which every group in Surrey is welcome to come together as one solidified unit and offer their services in one central location. People receive not only help and assistance but free haircuts, dental care, medical care as well as other treats they would not normally be able to access or afford.
• They invite the riders of "Bike and Ride" to come and spend their last night on the road with them at the end of every summer.
• Several American Universities, Church Groups and school groups have traveled far and wide to come and visit the Mission and be a part of the Community.
• Several Canadian Groups have also joined the Mission for week long stays of Service
• They host the Extreme Wet Weather Zero Barrier Shelter Every Winter from Nov-March (in which they house humans AND their canine companions – they are one of the few shelters that allow dogs)

The Mission works closely with the Surrey RCMP, The Surrey Fire Dept. Union Gospel Mission, and The Front Room, The Surrey Board of Trade, The Surrey Food Bank and numerous other groups and organizations around the BC Lower Mainland and around North America. The volunteers at the Mission have invested time, energy and love into creating a community of various walks of life that support the idea Surrey really is a wonderful place to live.

It is a wonderful place to live because places like the Mission exist. It is a wonderful place to live because the Volunteers and supporters of the Mission believe that a small amount of kindness can go a long way. They have after ten years proved that very lesson to be true.

The list of inspiring stories the Mission has to offer truly is endless.

This year the Mission and CTK came to an agreement, that the Mission would leave on a certain date. Unfortunatly a replacement home has yet to be found. We are now asking that the Mission be allowed to stay until such time that they find a new building. 

The Mission is not just another church based organization; it has after ten years of service become family. The Volunteers that have been there for ten years and more have come to recognize this; they have seen people go from extreme poverty and addiction to successful healthy families and single adults.

One young man who came to work at Day camp is quoted as saying "Working at the Mission has made me a better man"

Another who is currently in university to become a teacher goes to class during the day and works for a homeless shelter in the evenings, "A job I never thought I would have" She said "The mission has drastically altered my vision of my future, for the better"

Another woman, once homeless has since coming to the Mission five years ago, given birth to two healthy young boys. Both of whom call the Executive Director of the Mission, Grandma. It has in every sense of the word, become a family for hundreds of people from all over the great country of Canada.

They have guided young single pregnant woman and been there through the pregnancy and watched these women give birth to beautiful healthy strong young children.

Some of the children from both youth group and day camp have known the Mission every summer for most of their lives. The Police, Fire department, press and neighbors of the Mission all agree that the City of Surrey is a better place for having organizations like the Mission.

We the undersigned are asking the B.C Lutheran Synod and Christ the King Lutheran Church to continue to house the Surrey Urban Mission, and allow them to run their programs unaltered until they are able to find a suitable replacement building.

To close the Mission for even a short period of time will have a massively negative effect not only on the volunteers, but also the community at large. Our major fear is that if the Mission is to close it will never be able to re-open its doors. Please spread this petition as far and as wide as you can, do not let them close the doors to such a vital part of our community.

Time is running out, for too long we the supporters of the Mission have stayed silent but now we are ready to fight. We are not ready to see the doors to the Mission close, not for ten minutes let alone however long it may take to find a new home.

The Mission has until January 25th to find a new home and vacate its current building or close its doors until such time they find a suitable replacement – No one knows how long this task may take.

In return for the land deal signed by the B.C Synod, Christ the King, Lutheran church will get a beautiful new building on the corner of 133rd and 104th avenue, the Mission however will be out in the cold with no place to call home.

Your “Mission” if you choose to accept it is to sign the petition and pass it on. On Twitter You can help by using the Hashtag "#SavetheMission" Please e-mail this to as many people as you can.

To get to know more about the Mission please visit to see stories and pictures of what we do and who we are.

Please tell the members of both the B.C. Lutheran Synod and Christ the King Lutheran Church that we are not alone.


If you want to, send your letters of support here:

Surrey Urban Mission Mailing Address:
13388-104 Avenue
Surrey BC V3T 1V6
Email for Mission:

And Also Here:
Mailing address for BC Lutheran Synod:
80 East 10th Avenue
New Westminster, BC V3L 4R5

And also Here:
13388-104 Avenue
Surrey BC V3T 1V6

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