Plea to reconsider the conduction of End Semester Exams

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We, students of the institution, and individuals of society are extremely afraid and concerned with the current situation in the world forum. Considering the fact that the pandemic has set foot in the country and cases are growing exponentially within the country and the fact that there aren’t sufficient centres with equipment to test the number of people that might possibly be infected by the virus, the government has taken initiatives with restrictions on the gathering of people in large masses in order to curb the spreading of the virus to other people. With this in consideration, it can be considered that an academic institution conducting examinations in a closed space such as classrooms is a place where the pervading factor of the virus exponentially grows, thus puts us all at potential risk.

We ask you to consider the current plight and ensure our safety as other institutions around the city have taken preventive measures to do so by postponing or cancelling and suspending classes and examinations in order to reduce the transmission of the virus to students and to the city altogether. Considering that the transmission of the virus is high and it works asymptomatically and several students and professors use public transport, which is a possible hotbed of contamination, to come to college, it can be a negative factor in the gathering of so many students in one location, irrespective of its size.

With that being said, we as students do not wish to tamper with the system in place with regards to the workings of an academic year, but we do urge you to take consideration of our plight. Concern has not only broken out among students but amidst parents as well. Postponement of an entire cycle of examination for a few days is not an entirely feasible and practical option, hence we understand that as it defeats the purpose of securing our health as well as our grades. It is the fear of contracting the virus and being a catalyst amongst the society and spread it to the vulnerable parts of the society which is why we wish to address this to you, to make sure that there is a viable solution which does not jeopardise the health of the students and faculty of the institution, but also upholds the ideals of holistic ideals and the practices already in place. We hope that you will oblige and take action as an academic institution that believes in the holistic growth of the students of the university. We hope to convey that we wish for our health to be sustained in order to utilise the education provided to us. Attending an examination with the possibility of getting infected is a hindrance to this goal of progression. So, we kindly request you take our requests to take action deemed necessary in this situation to help the plight of not students alone, but also those of their parents.

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