Stop the construction of Christ Church School!!

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There has been plans approved for the construction of a Secondary School on the Yardley Wood plain fields, at no point during this project has it been made of importance to contact the local people of Yardley Wood and get there views on this. It was simply rushed through without once considering the implications it will have on the neighbouring homes and what issues come with the construction of a school. 

The idea of building a new school is obsurd, considering that they have made the decision to Demolish The Baverstock Academy, which is less than 6 minutes away. This decision was made on the basis of failing staff rather than there been a problem with the actual building it self. Also there is Lighthall School, a perfectly good school with a Direct bus from Yardley Wood. 

Moreover the Yardley Wood plain fields have been for a long time, a place for people in the local community to take there dogs for walks, allow their children to play and simply enjoy nature. The completion of this school, will mean this will come to an end. Causing great heart ache to people who have enjoyed this beautiful scenery for many years.

The amount of traffic and congestion this will bring will be unbearable. The roads nearby are full at the best of times, it would be unimaginable to think of an extra 200+ cars showing up on a daily basis and the problems this will cause local residents.

To conclude the people of Yardley Wood are all for education, just not when it’s going to be damaging to so many.