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Christ Church Schools: Return 25% of tuition payments & donate supplies and equipment

We are taking action against "Christ Church Schools" ownership due to their consistent lack of communication, assistance and involvement and the substandard educational conditions our children have been subject to since the lightning strike at Christ Church in July 2012. Please sign below.

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  • The Linden Tree Concerned Parents Committee:
  • Leon Collins
  • Ed Greene
  • Bishop Lawrence Provenzano
  • Dan Sloan
  • RTLau
  • Elizabeth Gallagher
  • Tony Bowen
  • JRundel
  • Greg Paul
  • Cliff Harkness
  • Jay Butler
  • -Rebecca, LT parent
  • -James, LT parent
  • -Nicole, LT parent
  • -Lynn, LT parent
  • -Scott, LT parent
  • -Linden Tree
  • JBald

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