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Stop Planned Road Between Mary Lake and Savannah Village neighborhoods

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The Mary Lake subdivision was designed in the 1970’s as a rural and suburban neighborhood outside of Madison. However, a planned road connecting a Waunakee neighborhood half a mile away is an issue.

Here is why.

  • It will create a “Westport island”. 

Currently, there is a small tract of land extending about 2 miles northwestward from Mary Lake along the railroad line almost to Division Street in Waunakee. If a road is built bisecting the land, it will create an island of Westport surrounded by Waunakee, increasing ever-present annexation pressures.

  • The Mary Lake neighborhood will lose its rural feel.

If the Mary Lake subdivision is connected to Savannah Village, two vastly different subdivisions will be connected. Most likely, Mary Lake will be pressured to install improved lighting, sidewalks, new signage, repave all the roads, and move culverts underground. In a survey taken last year by the township, the vast majority of Mary Lake residents wanted to retain the rural feel, such as keeping exposed culverts, no sidewalks or neighborhood entry signage, and retaining of existing lighting and road signage. Savannah Village, on the other hand, has all of these things and the income level is significantly higher than that of Mary Lake.

  • A family farm will be destroyed.

The Kennedy family has farmed the land in question for hundreds of years, and with the construction of the North Mendota Technology and Business Park nearby, it will create a major dent in the loss of the farming economy in southeast Westport township.

  • It will lead to total annexation of Westport by surrounding municipalities.

As Waunakee and Middleton continue bit by bit annexing land from Westport, within a few years, there will be no more Westport. Our families have owned land here for generations and will continue to fight to preserve the rural and humble quality of life Westport has always had. Together, with your support, we can stand up and rise above land developers and prevent the total destruction of Westport and its fertile farmland forever.

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