More Mental Health Resources Within Work Places, Management to take Mental Health classes

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I find that mental health is a very important topic when it comes to daily functioning. I feel as though the world spins so fastly, that most people don't get a chance to address complications going on within their internal being.

Most people, escape to suicide to release themselves from the emotional pain they are struggling with. And to add, they've got to show up to work each day to support their family, despite what they're dealing with internally. I feel that with mental health, that someone who needs to be hospitalized because of mental health should be paid for that time being away (financial worries shouldn't be an added worry), granted if they have sick or personal time.

Also, I feel that more effective resources should readily be available within the corporations, possibly an employee health nurse educated in mental health, and management should be educated on mental illness and what to look for, how to help, and how not to add to the emotional distress and when to give breaks for someone that is having a difficult time. (To release stigma, additional pressure, unreasonable expectations, micro-management)