Governor Chris Sununu: Support H​.​B. 544 in the NH House!

Governor Chris Sununu: Support H​.​B. 544 in the NH House!

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In the New Hampshire State House of Representatives, a piece of legislation has been passed in committee, and is now being introduced to the entire body: House Bill 544.

The Governor of New Hampshire - Chris Sununu - has recently said he would not support the bill, citing several claims that are in dispute with many sponsors of the bill and their public supporters.

Let's review what H.B. 544 is, and what it would be banning at the state level:

H.B. 544 bans state funded instruction and training programs that allow race and sex stereotyping and scapegoating. Essentially, trainings that aim to separate based on race, teach individuals to hate themselves based on supposed stereotypes of their race, and then to scapegoat and blame other races for what are the stereotyped “short-comings” of their race. This also applies more broadly to sex, gender, and sexual orientation, and is also galvanized to go after organizations and institutions with baseless assertions.

It is that simple.

For example, think of how race stereotyping and scapegoating could manifest against Asian Americans.

Asian Americans are often widely stereotyped to be great at math and science, and are said to usually be successful in their individual careers and are all rich (none of which is actually true, everyone person is different as an individual, even in a group). Thus - by this assertion - Asian Americans are not qualified to be minorities based on their assumed success and wealth. This is an utterly racist idea, as not every Asian is widely successful or rich. Then, they are blamed as being a contributor to another minority groups oppression - think Black American oppression. To make this logical leap, those who train this pattern of abusive behavior then white-wash Asian American's and call them "white adjacent," so that it is easier for those they instruct to see Asians as being basically whites also upholding systems against blacks.

The public then grows to believe this. Public policies change in response. Soon, they then are restricted, and can no longer attend in as vast numbers the colleges and universities that they normally would qualify for. They then are later officially considered not minorities, and thus cannot have hate crimes perpetrated against them, even if they claim someone hurt them because of their race. They are then blamed for the economic issues their assumed success is creating, and are targeted in specific legislation later on because of this issue.

The sad part is: much of this is already happening in the United States. Asian Americans were directly targeted in academic institutions on the ballot in California during the 2020 General Election (Proposition 19), and it doesn't take much to find incidents of numerous hate crimes going unreported during this past year.

Much of this can be replicated and weaponized within Hispanic communities, et cetera.

All of this because people disguised as "diversity and inclusion" experts are training people how to judge people only by the color of their skin, and more importantly, how to be racists. It's that purely horrific, but it is happening.

To be clear: H.B. 544 DOES NOT BAN DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION TRAINING. What is bans is "diversity and inclusion" training that trains and actively asserts that one race is superior to another race (applicable also to sex, gender, sexual orientation). H.B. 544 DOES NOT BAN TALKING ABOUT RACE OR RACISM, what is bans is actively teaching people how to be racist, and lying and manipulating the people they are training by claiming it is an "Anti-Racism" program or teaching, when it is by definition promoting acts of racism.

Through the passage of what is now known as H.B. 544, the Granite State would be one of the first to pass anything on this topic - of racial scapegoating and stereotyping - and be on the cutting edge of this new Civil Rights Era!

Sign this Petition and let Chris Sununu know you support the NH House, and want this legislation passed and signed by his desk!

After signing this petition, we encourage you to do the following: 1) Send Governor Sununu an appropriate email explaining explicitly why you want this legislation passed, and or 2) Call the Governor's office, and leave him a short and polite message that he needs to support this cutting edge legislation.

Email him:

Call him: (603) 271-2121

Special thanks to Dr. Karlyn Borysenko, NH State Representative Keith Ammon, and NH State Representative Terry Roy for actively working to pass this piece of legislation. We thank you!

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