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Chris Rogers, CEO Costa Coffee: Stop Costa Coffee from opening an outlet in Bakewell

We want to stop Costa Coffee from opening an outlet in Bakewell to protect independent traders and the overall character of Bakewell.

Bakewell already has over 40 food and drink retailers covering cafes, restaurants, pubs and takeaways. This works out at one for every 92 residents. Another coffee retailer is not needed in the town and will take business away from existing outlets.

Bakewell's economy relies heavily on tourist footfall.  These visitors will be drawn to the familiar brand of Costa rather than patronise the smaller, independent retailers.

Many of Bakewell’s existing establishments use and sell local produce. A drop in their business will have a deep, far reaching effect throughout the wider, local economy.

Although Costa opening in Bakewell will generate a handful of new jobs, the taking away of custom from other retailers will more than likely lead to greater job losses throughout the town.

The proposed location for Costa Coffee is on a narrow street with restricted pavement access. This street becomes heavily congested at peak times and makes the street particularly dangerous. It is a favourite route for children walking to the town’s junior and secondary schools and is the official school bus route. As Costa Coffee rely on daily deliveries by lorry, this will simply add to the traffic problems experienced on this very narrow street. As a takeaway outlet, it will encourage opportunist customers to park on the single yellow line outside the store further compounding the traffic problems and making this stretch of road even more dangerous that it already is.

A take away outlet of this kind would see an increase in litter such as discarded paper cups and plastic lids which will have to be cleaned up by the council cleaning teams. Ultimately, it will be local residents paying the bill, not Costa Coffee.


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