Meet urgently with members of the Adult Survivors Kampaign (ASK)

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VERY VERY IMPORTANT Update (Thursday 5 July)


It has taken more than two weeks but at last officials at RMBC have uploaded the ASK petition on their epetition site.

This record will prove to be highly important as we move forward.

Please get as many people as possible to sign this on the RMBC website.

The RMBC website can be a real pain and if you do not succeed in using it, please let us know by making a comment on here. A member of ASK has offered to help RMBC improve their epetition site! A response to that offer is awaited ....


 Wednesday 4 July

We call on the Leader of Rotherham Council to urgently meet with members of the Adult Survivors Kampaign (ASK) to review the bid to the Home Office for additional resources for adult survivors of CSE with the view to taking a different approach to biding for resources for adult survivors of CSE.

At the Rotherham Council meeting on Wednesday 13 December 2017, a question (submitted on 13 November) was asked:

Question to Chris Read at the Rotherham Council Meeting on 13 December 2017

“Does the Leader of the Council agree that online communications with members of the public about what resources have been specifically allocated to help victims and survivors of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) have been dire and will he ensure that all relevant information is published online, say within two weeks?”

The Leader of the Council responded by saying:

“I am sort of conscious that that doesn’t specifically include financial resources allocated by the Council. I don’t know if that was your intention in asking the question. If there are specific details that you think we should add to that, then I am happy to take a representation on that.”

The questioner replied with this:

“I put this question in because of the statement that you made in public some weeks ago about the bid and the failure of the bid. For people like me that are very actively campaigning and have been campaigning for three years plus, it’s very important that we … have the information that we need to help you get more resources. We need to have a better understanding.”

The questioner was referring to media coverage such as this on the BBC on 3 November (Heading - Rotherham Council slams 'lack of funding' for abuse victims):

Two days later on 15.12.17 a representation was emailed to the Leader of the Council,

On 19.12.17 the Personal Assistant to the Leader and Deputy Leader acknowledged the email sent on 15.12.17 with:

“Thank you for your email below which I will bring to Councillor Read’s attention.”.

No response was sent by the Council meeting on 24.1.18 and this was pointed out during the Council meeting.

 The response to the representation submitted on 15.12.17 arrived after 66 days on 22.2.18. An examination of the information sent on 22.2.18 leaves members of ASK dismayed at the possible mis-representation of the truth in the FUSION bid and a number of inadequacies.

The petition is on behalf of ASK – Adult Survivors Kampaign

NOTE Wednesday 4.7.18

Two weeks ago today (on 20 June) this petition was submitted to the Rotherham Council epetition website. For some unexplained reason nothing has been heard  since 20 June - Shokat Lal, the Assistant Chief Executive was emailed about this early yesterday - a reply is awaited.



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