Regulate Bullets to Stop Gun Violence

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We are petitioning the need for a new approach to gun safety without the continual war between democrats and republicans on gun rights. The constitution might say we have the right to bear arms but it says nothing about the right to bear bullets.

This proposition would benefit at minimum:

1. Public Safety 

2. Democrats and Republicans by bringing both parties together on an important issue 

3. The NRA/gun industry 

We petition that bullets should be regulated so that only specified bullets can be sold. Purchasers of bullets must have the equivalent of a drivers license which determines that the individual has passed a background, mental stability, and safety test.  Gun manufacturers would have to either retrofit or manufacture guns that would only be functional with the newly developed bullets. 

People could potentially make their own bullets but this would be time consuming and would make it more difficult to carry out mass shootings.  Gunpowder can also be regulated so that only specifically designated manufacturers can access and make bullets. 

This would also circumvent the idea that guns can just be 3D printed etc...and would take away the argument that we are taking away people's guns.

Gun manufacturers would make money selling these guns as they would have to sell only the newly regulated ones, and would allow them to increase prices.  They could also decide to be an active part of safety by creating schools that issue out these license.  

We must change how we approach the argument of gun safety.  We will do nothing but continue to lose our children and family members to these acts until we reframe the the approach.  Forget taking away peoples guns, let's modify the bullets and the rest will follow.

Current bullets on the market should be swiftly recalled and action should be passed quickly, deliberately and discreetly before it can be undermined.  A safety recall on bullets is long overdue and it is completely irresponsible to not do so.  Regulate and recall bullets. Make America safe again and make gun manufacturers our friends in this issue.

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