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Add an Additional Tax to Items that Are Bought With Non-reusable Material

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My goal is to add a plastic tax to all goods that can be bought without plastic. For example, if you're shopping at the grocery store, I want there to be an additional payment for not using reusable bags. Another example is if you go to a coffee shop and don't use a reusable cup, then there will be an additional fee added to the total cost. By reusing materials as much as we could, it is proven that there will be less waste and it will be better for the environment. We are dealing with climate change, so by taking this action, it will help slow down our warming Earth. A warming climate will lead to more health issues for a large population of our planet, and it may even affect where you live due to rising seas. All of the plastic and paper we are disposing is adding more carbon and methane to the air, which is one of the primary causes for climate change. There are other benefits to reusing materials, such as shopping bags and cups. It saves money because there is a process to make these non-reusable materials, which requires money to make. It also saves energy because there is more energy needed to produce the materials that are non-reusable. Lastly, it keeps waste out of the landfalls. By reusing as much as we can, it's better for the environment because we aren't producing as much garbage. Some of that waste even ends up in our oceans. Those plastic bags that we use at the grocery stores may make its way to the ocean and trap a sea creature in that bag. Animals could also eat that plastic waste, which could kill them. The use of non-reusable materials is so important to us and our future, the environment, and the other creatures that we share Earth with.

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